Introduction to 17Hats: Tour of the Interface (20mins)

This video gives you a tour of the 17Hats interface and how it can help streamline your business operations.

Tour of the Interface (20mins)

Quick Access Time Reference To Relevant Topics

2:55 Overview tab (default layout view when you login)
4:22 Contacts
4:46 Leads
5:17 Projects
5:42 Calendar
6:05 Where to add a calendar to your 17Hats account
6:40 The To Do feature
6:52 Invoicing
7:09 Workflows
7:21 Bookkeeping
8:00 Where to go for help
8:15 Where to set your account settings
8:44 Setting up your profile, email, address and referral info
9:13 Where to get your referral code
9:24 Billing information
9:50 Changing your login/password info
10:02 Updating your business credit card for payments
10:15 Lifecycles
10:34 Setting your background, timezone, button colours
11:16 Templates available to you
12:00 Taking a peek at the templates
12:57 Where to set your email settings and synchronisation
13:40 Where to go to get a blind copy of all email communications
13:50 Understanding calendars in 17Hats and setting your default calendar
15:00 Viewing your calendar schedule in 17Hats
16:27 Setting your invoice currency and inserting an invoice footer
17:06 Where to trigger the reminder emails for overdue and upcoming invoices
17:33 Connecting with your preferred payment solution [Stripe, Paypal or]
17:58 Connecting your bank to 17Hats
18:39 Integration options [Shootproof or QBO]
19:15 Setting your tax rates for your invoices
19:40 Time tracker and adding your rates