Adding a 17Hats Lead Capture Form (20min)

Quick Access Time Reference To Relevant Topics

0:33 What a 17Hats Lead capture form looks like

1:06 Creating a lead capture form from scratch

3:45 Creating an email template as your auto response for the lead capture

5:12 Attaching a document to your autoresponder

7:04 Adding more questions to your Lead form

7:33 Adding a checkbox to your Lead form

8:02 What the “Maps to” field means

10:39 (Pre)Viewing your form in your 17Hats subdomain

11:06 Installing your Lead form on your website

12:48 Installing your Lead form on Facebook

14:35 [Test submission] filling in the form on your website

15:40 [Test submission] What your lead or potential client sees after a form submission.

16:31 [Test submission] What you see as the 17Hats account owner after a form submission.

17:16 [Test submission] What you see of the form details submitted.

17:49 How you can find out if you have a new lead on the 17Hats interface.

18:20 [Test submission] What you see after a form submission if you enabled SMS notification.

19:52 Making changes to your form.